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What is the wedding hair and makeup booking process?

We highly recommends booking 6-12 months in advance so as a result you can secure your artist for your day stress-free.  Ask us all of your questions and make sure to request a phone call if it will help!  Our team of San Antonio makeup artist and hair stylists wants to make sure you feel confident in us.  When you’re ready, just say “Let’s get started!” we will send you your proposal via email.  It takes a 50% initial, non-refundable deposit to secure your day.  Once you sign your contract and place your deposit, you are officially booked!   

I’m not sure of my exact headcount at the moment. Can I still book now?

No problem!  We don’t require a final headcount until 6 months before your wedding.  If you happen to be booking after that point, we can provide a short window for you to get this information to us.


When should I schedule my wedding hair and makeup trial?

For optimal results, we highly recommend scheduling your trial approximately 3 months prior to your wedding because a larger timeframe can leave room for too many variables in which it is difficult to account for such as sensitivities, hair and skin texture etc.  Our artists want you to have a fresh picture of your look and still be in love on your day.  We prefers for you to have most of your wedding details lined up at that point so we can give you the best vision of your bridal beauty.  For example, if you’re wearing flowers in your hair, have you designed this with your florist?  Our team wants you to have jewelry and hair accessories ready as well.  

How do I know if I want to book if I don’t do a wedding hair and makeup trial first?


Have you connected with us on social media and read some of our reviews?  Nissi Beauty only posts real clients and real results.  Our makeup artists and hairstylists have a flawless track record with our brides and we intend to keep it that way.  We’re versatile and great listeners.  You have nothing to worry about!


Do I have to do a trial?

We do not require a trial in order to book with us, because we understand every brides needs are different, however it is recommended.  We understand that there are certain circumstances in which a trial is not in the cards.  If you are able, this is a great opportunity to really work together to design your dream look and see how it wears on you throughout the day.

What should I bring to my wedding hair and makeup trial?

Inspiration pictures, veil/hairpiece, clip in extensions (if applicable), jewelry, questions for us and your support system!  We also recommend wearing a white or light colored shirt to avoid color reflection.  If you plan to have a spray tan for your wedding, let’s try one out for your trial as well!

What accommodations are needed on site on my wedding day for hair and makeup?

Our San Antonio hair and makeup artists will need some table space, an outlet and a chair per artist.  Makeup artists need a barstool height chair and hairstylists need a standard height chair.  Most hotels and venues are prepped for this.  Ideally, makeup artists would love to work near a window, but it’s not a must.  We bring our own lighting.  

How should my party and I prep for my wedding day?

One day unwashed hair is the best to work with.  Super curly hair can be blown out with a flat brush if we’re not working with your natural curls.  No flat ironed hair.  Don’t forget fresh cut and color about a week before.  Waxing should be done at least two days beforehand.  Do your best to stay out of the sun and use SPF!  Clean faces with skincare on is best for a beautiful makeup!


How long does hair and makeup typically take?

We typically allot 45 minutes per person per service.  Depending on timing and other factors, with more than 6-7 people, we will book 2 artists to cut down on time.

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